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Monday, December 6, 2010

What's Chili Without the Cornbread???

It's like Mexican food without the tortillas, Italian without the pasta...I'm sure you get the idea. My dear friend, Janea, and I decided we were going to make some good comfort food for our chili Sunday dinner. We decided to make chili con carne with a side of gluten free corn bread. Thanks to Bob's Red Mill's gluten free flours, we baked some pretty good corn bread. It disappeared as quickly as the regular corn bread did! I am so excited to do some more gluten free baking. Looking at the baking recipes isn't as intimidating as it was before. Thankfully, my local Henry's Farmers Market carries a wide variety of the 50 gluten free products that Bob's Red Mills has to offer. You can also order it online at

We followed the directions on the back of Bob's Red Mill Cornmeal bag. It called for milk, which we substituted with almond milk. We also used Xylitol instead of sugar.

Delicious with some butter and a drizzle of honey!

Try it out and have a sweet gluten free day!

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