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Monday, November 22, 2010

To Bake or Not To Bake???

I must admit, I am not very good at baking. It hasn't been a huge deal since I try to avoid eating bread because of weight issues. The times that I have attempted baking, it just doesn't turn out quite fact, 5 times out of 10 I screw it up! And now that I'm f0llowing a gluten free diet, the baking part looks a little too complicated for scares me. So many ingredients are usually involved, it's just overwhelming. I'm sure you've noticed in my past blogs that I like simple, easy recipes and use store bought baked goods when I need them. I just like short cuts, what can I say???

Well, last night, my dear friend Amy brought me a gift. It was a delicious loaf of pumpkin bread, just out of the oven. She did what I haven't been brave enough to do, lucky me! So, as I'm enjoying a slice with my morning coffee, I'm thinking that maybe she can help me with my little problem. One important piece of info she gave me was, Jules Shepard. Apparently, she has a flour recipe that can be used in any recipe that calls for flour. You just take an old favorite and substitute. Amy used her sisters pumpkin bread recipe and did this. And let me tell you, it worked!

So the question is, to bake or not to bake. Am I going to let my fear deprive me of some home baked goodness? The flourless chocolate cake that I've been craving for weeks? Crescent's? Real sandwich bread? I do believe that it is time for me to step out of my comfort zone and discover the art of gluten free baking. No more Udi's for me...ok, only sometimes. Okay all you gluten free newbies, join me by clicking the link below and let's get to baking!

Fresh Yeast Bread Can be Easy & Delicious!

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